Add Some Sophistication to Your Kitchen with a Grey Colour Scheme

grey kitchen

So, you’ve been looking to update your kitchen but you’re tired of seeing white cabinets everywhere you look. However, have you given a grey colour scheme some thought? Ridgeway Kitchens thinks that neutral colour palettes are very on trend in 2018 and have been growing in popularity over the past few months. The tone of grey you choose can have a massive impact on your kitchen too, with warmer greys and blue-based shades of slate setting the more extreme standards.

Once you have settled on a shade of grey, you need to find the right accent colour. This can vary wildly, so you should stick to what’s on trend or is a trusted combination from known complementary colours. You could choose colours that are close to each other or complete opposites, which will create contrast.

Let’s discover some of our favourite ideas for a grey kitchen colour scheme…

French Country Kitchen

The grey colour palette is incredibly flexible, especially when it comes to painting your kitchen. Charcoal can help it feel very modern but a French grey will transport you into a country kitchen no matter where you live in the world.

You’ll probably want to add a few accessories to your room, so it’s a good idea to keep the backdrop to just one shade of grey. This means making sure all of your splashbacks, flooring and cabinets match. Otherwise, there will be too much going on and your kitchen will feel weird to be in.

Natural Green Kitchen

Adding a natural forest green splashback to your kitchen can help to add vibrancy to a kitchen and avoid it feeling gloomy with dark grey tones. You can complement the tile colour with some foliage and bring the room to life with herbs and other plant life. If you want to spice it up, even more, you can install leather handles on your cabinets to give a high-end finish to your kitchen.

Warm Wood Kitchen

Of course, grey does have a reputation for being a cold and often clinical, but mixing some natural wood into it can create a positive, warm and cosy look. However, you do need to choose the right shade and mix of timber tone if you are going to do this in your kitchen. Purple-grey units go perfectly with pale oak worktops and flooring to create an effect that makes the kitchen feel whole. Whereas darker greys suit deep walnut colours much better.

Layered Grey Kitchen

Using various layers of grey can help you highlight different elements of the room and help you create a very cohesive feel. Painting the walls and island in a dark slate grey, the cabinets in a much softer shade and combining them with darker marble work surfaces and splashbacks can help you create a smooth transition between the light and dark. This creates an airy light feeling despite the vast amounts of grey being used.

Small Smart Kitchen

When it comes to smaller kitchen spaces, grey can feel like it would be oppressive, especially the darker tones, but this doesn’t have to be what happens in your kitchen. Sticking to one shade of grey for each set of cabinets will create a cohesive look and allow light to bounce around the room, giving it an airy feel while still being

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