Monochrome Kitchens to Inspire Your Redesign

When you picture sophistication, the first thing that comes to mind is probably monochrome. Ridgeway Kitchens know that the timeless colour scheme works in both traditional and modern setting perfectly. Chequerboard tiled floors of the 50’s create a diner feel, black range cookers add country ambience and there’s been a host of graphic design patterns that are black and white over the past several years that add to the feeling of your kitchen.

There are several things you can do to make the monochrome look work in your kitchen…

  1. For a full black and white colour scheme, you should make one colour more dominant than the other. Choosing white as the dominant colour will have a fresh appeal but choosing black as the dominant colour will ooze elegance, so choose wisely.
  2. You could stick to monochrome for accessories, this works really well with colour schemes that include timber, greys or darker greens.
  3. It can be difficult to match shades of white when decorating your kitchen but offsetting them with accents of black can really tie it all together.
  4. Including different textures in your monochrome colour scheme can help to build layers in your styling and add some extra interest, as well as softening some of the harshnesses that can come from too much of the same colour/texture.
  5. Finally, be brave with your mixing of patterns and scale by surrounding intricate patterns with more plain items.

Below is a gallery of different interpretations of the monochrome colour scheme to get your creative juices flowing.

Sophisticated Silhouette

image 1

You can create a bold statement by offsetting a very white kitchen with black accessories, especially in the case of this dining table which creates a sophisticated silhouette in the centre of the room.

Black and White Doesn’t Have to be Boring

image 2

When you’re planning a monochrome colour scheme it doesn’t have to be boring. You can use it to zone out different areas of your kitchen and use black-and-white pictures to add some definition.

Geometric Patterns

image 3

Yes, you could go for the typical chequered pattern for your tiles but geometric patterns like this can really help you to create a statement. You can add to this with your shelving to create something really special.

Industrial Chic

image 4

Sometimes monochrome can be overbearing and if you find this to be the case, you can offset it with some accents of primary colours to add some vibrancy to your kitchen and create a utility style.

Monochrome Mosaic

image 5

Fortunately, monochrome blends with practically any colour so choosing a mosaic pattern like this can work really well for a kitchen, especially when you pepper in neutral tones that add a spot of interest.

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