How to Incorporate a Breakfast Nook into Your Kitchen

Have you been looking for something new to add to your kitchen to give it something extra special? Well, Ridgeway Kitchens recommends that you incorporate a breakfast nook into your kitchen. It creates the perfect space for your family to get together for your morning coffee or even the kids’ homework after school. Let’s walk through how you can develop the perfect breakfast nook that combines comfort and functionality.

Creative Seating

creative seating

Of course, one of the main components of your breakfast nook will be the seating. However, you can go much further than the traditional wooden table and chairs and get more creative with your seating. Your breakfast nook should be a relaxed space and this feeling can be achieved with shapely seating that is out-of-the-box and defines the area as somewhere comfortable.

While saying that you should be creative is easy, deciding exactly what style of seating can be somewhat more difficult. This can be made easier by building your breakfast nook around a corner or even creating a full booth for a restaurant-style or even install bench seating beneath your kitchen window.

Statement Lighting

statement lighting

Visual cues are important whenever you add a defined space to an existing room and this can be done with elegant statement lighting. To make your breakfast nook its own space, you can include some design elements that will make a statement. The best way for you to achieve this is to hang a lighting fixture over your table as this instantly draws people’s eyes to it.

“Statement lighting” is defined as something that will catch your attention as soon as you enter the room. This look can be achieved either through shape or size as these are the two defining characteristics that stand out the most. Generally, you should consider a lighting fixture that is about 3/4s of the width of your table to create a statement.

Get Comfortable

get comfortable

Your breakfast nook is going to be something that you use almost every day to enjoy your morning coffee, so it should be stark and cold. This space should be as comfortable as you can possibly make it and be somewhere that people want to spend long periods of time in to relax.

This is easily achieved by choosing the right textiles, for example upholstered furniture which is more warm and inviting, over upholstered seating which can be cold and uninviting. You should also pile on accessories like a few well-placed throw pillows which can go a long way to creating a warm space. For the winter months, you might even consider adding a throw blanket as well.

Keep It Fun

keep it fun

Finally, you should spend a good amount of time considering the aesthetic of your breakfast nook. You want to create a space that is casual, somewhere you want to spend time, rather than somewhere formal. Remember, this is a space for you to have a quick breakfast, an afternoon snack or even a study session in the evenings. What you really want is for this space to feel fun to encourage you to spend time there every day.

Perhaps the best way to achieve this is through creative use of colours and patterns. These design elements can be worked into your upholstery and accessories to create some organic variation. Something we haven’t mentioned yet is incorporating your wall into your breakfast nook design. You should think about what you want the space to be and what would suit it best, from photo frames to bookshelves and even a chalkboard, the possibilities are endless.

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